Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.



the who..

right now there is something killing more young people each year then car crashes and murders combined each. yet this silent killer continues on. to much chagrin the majority of the country stigmatizes and tries their best to sweep this terrible issue under the rug. no more.


Medicated Treatments

  • Medicated Treatment. Currently the treatment which has the highest rate of success among all of the current programs. We will discuss this topic.

12 Step Programs

  • Discussion about 12 step programs and if this type of program can be helpful for you. If this type of program is right for you the resources to get started.

Continued Health

  • Quitting drugs & alcohol doesn't mean everything will be perfect. Life shouldn't be perfect. Transcendental meditation & other exercises will be discussed also.


Real Time Chat

  • I can be reached directly on IRC. My user name is x0. I am on many networks. I am connected to the following 24/7; irc.abjects.net. Once connected join #Detox - You can chat with other like minded individuals or message me privately. New to IRC? Try this web-based client https://kiwiirc.com/client to connect. Mac users try Textual. Windows users try mIRC. Just google their names to download the apps.