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400% price increase

Naloxone Update: Feb 3, 2017

Drug overdoses kill more people than car crashes and gun violence in America. Fortunately a drug has been developed to safely snap someone out of a drug induced coma. It works by removing the opioid receptors off the brain which allows respiration to begin again (in short). This drug has made its way into the mainstream. This is a great thing. For FAR too long drug use has been stigmatized and the users feel inferior and less then. Typically they are afraid to call 911 or go to a hospital which results in many deaths. However this is a drug a loved one of an addict can now buy over the counter at a pharmacy and have "just in case" of a relapse or overdose. Most firemen and police officers also carry some form of Naloxone with them while on duty these days. With all of the pros comes the cons. This drugs has proved to be a wonder-drug especially in the NorthEastern United States which has an epidemic of heroin use and overdose deaths. Again with the pro's comes the cons and now the price gauging is starting. This drug has seen a HUGE increase in price. One example Evizio (injectable) was about $650 in '14 now its $4500. Amphastar (nasal) costs $39.60, 95% increase but its affordable. Be prepared. P.S - Kaleo is the co. who owns Evizio. Shame. Shame. Shame on them.