Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.


Spreading the word..

"I was going to die. I'm a recovering addict. If something didn't change soon the outcome was certain. Then after all of the rehabs and rock bottoms I finally found a treatment which worked for me." This is from a very close friend. I would like to spread the word on what exactly helped him. But why? I've lost countless friends to this disease. I don't know the exact number anymore. During 1 hot week in June, 2016 I lost 3 friends. One of them was very close to me growing up. He was like a brother. All 3 of those deaths could have been prevented. In today's world there are a wide variety of options to keep our youth alive. I want to explain those options. Our youth and young adults have their entire lives ahead of them. You can choose to take control or let the disease control you. Choose life. Choose your family & friends, please don't choose an option which will lead to nothing but heartache, chaos, grief, and death. There is a solution. Remember there is NO stigma here.